Stage 1 - Welcome

Welcome to our online Airline complaints portal. To proceed with your complaint please follow the 6 steps below and provide all of the information requested.
Please note: this is the complaint form applicable to complaints about airlines only.

To be eligible to make a complaint against an airline, you must have already complained to the airline directly in writing and either received a final written response (sometimes referred to as a ‘deadlock letter’) or given the airline eight (8) weeks to respond to your dispute. Consumer Dispute Resolution Ltd can only deal with unresolved complaints.

In order to complete this complaint form you will need the following information to hand:

You are required to agree to our terms stated on the declaration page.

This will confirm if your complaint is eligible to be processed at this time by asking you questions and for information about dates of the complaint.

Your full contact information.

Full contact information of the airline including name, phone and email details of the airline contact you have been corresponding with in regards to your complaint.

Full details of the purchase or service. Full details of the complaint. Accurate dates of any purchase of goods/services, flight times etc. If your complaint relates to a flight then we will require all information, including connecting flight information, flight numbers etc. You will be asked to state your desired out come.

Images of any receipts. Any images to support your complaint. Any email exchanges with the Airline, saved into a MS word document or a text file. Scans or images of any physical letters.
Please note that any claims for expenses incurred, will need to be substantiated with itemised receipts.

Stage 2 - Declaration

If you are a Solicitor or Claims management company returning to this site to upload more cases,please provide company reference number, if you do not have a company reference number please continue with the form below.

Please enter 9 digit company reference number eg F876897B1


If you are a Solicitor or Claims management company returning to this site to upload more cases, please use the same email address for all cases that you raise on the system. Your email address is your user name for when you log in, therefore you will be able to view all cases you have raised. If you use an alternative email address this will create a new account and you will be unable to view all of your cases with one log in. If you use the same company name and a different email address you will be automatically set up as a sub user of that company and you will only see your cases, the main user of the company will be able to view all cases associated with the company name.This will be used for ALL correspondence

Upload the letter of authority
Please upload the signed letter of authority between the complaints management company or solicitor and the passenger/ complainant, this is an agreement to say that the passenger/ complainant has given the complaints management company or solicitor permission to act on their behalf in regards to the complaint. If there are multiple passengers in the same booking that are part of the case we will require all of the passengers to sign the letter of authority.
Please download a template letter of authority [ here ]

Please upload your letter of authority below, if you have uploaded all of the passenger's letters of authority click here

If you have more letters of authority to add at a later stage please click here

Please tell us who you are complaining about:

Please read and sign this declaration:

I would like Alternative Dispute Resolution for Aviation ("AviationADR") to look into my complaint.

I understand and acknowledge that AviationADR will need to use my personal information (including sensitive or personal information) and that AviationADR may need to share some or all of this information with the airline with whom I have a complaint.

I understand and acknowledge that AviationADR may publish the Adjudicator's final decision.

I agree to provide true, accurate and full information about my complaint.

I agree to receiving notifications and correspondence from AviationADR via email and SMS.

To sign the declaration tick here

I Agree

Stage 3 - About You

Please fill out the form below to begin the process of your complaint, on completion of this form you will be sent a username and password to allow you to log into your secure portal to track the progress of your complaint.

Note: your name MUST be the same as the name given when you booked your flight

Stage 4 - Eligibility

Before proceeding further we need to double check that you are eligible to bring your complaint to AviationADR at this time:

Have you complained direct to the airline in writing?

Yes No

Has the airline responded?

Yes No

What date did you complain to the airline

Has the airline provided their final response?

Yes No

Did they reject your complaint?

Yes No

Have you rejected the final response?

Yes No

Please add the final response that you received from the airline here, it is imperative that you use the exact wording that the airline has provided to you.

Either cut and paste their response here:

or upload their letter here

Stage 5 - About Your Complaint - Part 1

Please give the details of your complaint

Stage 6 - About Your Complaint - Part 2

Your flight details